About Us

How we started

It all started when the super banks, the elite and the largest companies in the world began embracing crypto currency. When this happened, we, the HODLers were able to openly show our allegiance. It was no longer just a hype; it became a reality.

 Having had countless conversations with people about the crypto world, one thing that stood out above all else was the prevalent lack of awareness. So, shortly after Crypto went “mainstream”, we thought that one of the best ways to increase its exposure would be through clothing. Through fashion, an everyday staple of life. After all, we wear clothes to firstly protect ourselves from the elements and then secondly, to display our individuality, our personality, our way of life.

 We believe in this new lifestyle; we see its intrinsic value and what it can provide, real financial freedom to do what we want, how we want!

​Our Mission

To represent crypto culture.

Please feel free to tag us to be uploaded on to our Instagram feed @cryptocartelco.

#showyouraffiliation and wear Crypto Cartel!